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  • I am so mad at the moment, just bought a 2020 hyundai tucson and set up my payments, my first payment was due on January 1st, paid on December 26th... Read More »
  • We need to sell our current property for a new purchase. It happened in the middle of cover-19 and the end of year. A very complicated case! But Jo... Read More »
  • I recently worked with Joann for refinancing/ purchasing and she did a very good job finding lowest rates possible in a timely fashion. Very good c... Read More »
  • Unprofessional, rude, uncaring, with poor communication skills and hours as the icing on the cake. Extremely poor service. Lackluster maintenance.... Read More »
  • I paid over $2000 for an engagement ring on Dec 11'th and was promised delivery by Xmas. Item did not arrive and I was disappointed and Xmas was al... Read More »
  • Believe me, it's really beneficial to me. With the free trial option of this plugin, I used the features and found out a lot of things that have ch... Read More »
  • We recently finished the refi at very best rate comparing to the industry and in a super fast closing time. She is very dedicated broker and follow... Read More »
  • Great people to work with, explained everything in detail.they handled everything with ease including the transfer from my existing IRA. Read More »
  • STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! They will take more from you than the lenders! If you need help, work with the original lender - I wish I had! I have... Read More »
  • Alex B. was professional and friendly providing me with all I needed to know, and made sure I understood all about the reverse mortgage I was apply... Read More »
  • DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered 10 cases for my employees cell phones and only one came in the mail. I waited thinking it will come later... Read More »
  • I can see so much better with my $5 shades bought on Amazon. These EyeBuy lenses are the worst! Ugh! I also hated that I had to register to post so... Read More »
  • This company is very knowledgeable from drywall service to interior home painting. In fact they did a great job in my house, nice color and impress... Read More »
  • This construction company is very detail and precise. The quote was fair and excellent construction service. I am very satisfied because the bathro... Read More »
  • I refinanced my home though Mr. Cooper and had an excellent experience. Scott Leong and Ariana Solis were extremely helpful and made the process so... Read More »
  • I wanted to write this review when I had my first appointment with National Credit law center but have not had the time to get on here and do so. ... Read More »
  • This is the second refinance I have done with David Howes. Again, from start to finish, it was a very smooth process. I got an incredibly low rate,... Read More »
  • Not sure we really understood the process when we agreed to the engagement but I am glad we stuck it out till the end. One of the only real challen... Read More »
  • Anthony and team have handled multiple loans for me over the years and have never let me down! They have earned my business as well as referrals of... Read More »
  • I recently bought an indoor cycling bike (stages) for my home and would like to share some positive feedback here! I am very impressed! Each indivi... Read More »
  • Great course covered most of what I needed not only to understand the test, but start my new career. Read More »
  • I complained of getting many fewer flowers than what was pictured for even the standard level when I paid more to upgrade to a higher level. I was... Read More »
  • Working with Advantage Gold was a great experience. Their knowledge of the economic landscape and offering the best prices on the products to meet... Read More »
  • Rick Watson with Optimum First Mortgage was very professional, patient, and informative. This was my first time going through a loan and Rick walke... Read More »
  • I realize that their is a pandemic so I called before I placed my order. On Dec 9th I was guaranteed and assured that if I placed an order it would... Read More »
  • What a beautiful luxury cabinet it is! Thanks to my friend for referring me to Bergen Furniture and Design. I don’t think I could have found such a... Read More »
  • Services are very reliable and easy to get by just one phone call. I will get services within 3 hours from the time of documentation. Read More »
  • I bought some Kennedy half dollars, some Morgan sliver dollars, and some Walking Liberties when silver was 17.50 an ounce. Now silver is 27.62 per... Read More »
  • Justin was very helpful with explaining my student loan debt. Very courteous and knowledgeable. He made the process easy and reduced my stres... Read More »
  • This service was easy to use. However, I had the jewelry appraised prior to sending it, and was offered a fraction of what it was worth. Basically,... Read More »
  • My wife and i used this scam of a company to file multiple years of unfiled taxes we payed these crooks $10,000 to resolve our tax issues we were... Read More »
  • This is the 2nd year this company has attempted to mail out a sample and one week later send a $156.99 billing statement. We didn't fall for it las... Read More »
  • This place is ripping people off. Placed an order Dec 14th for diamond earrings, still have not received even a tracking number, cannot get ahold o... Read More »
  • Great relationship with the Company. Did a fantastic job on my addition. Addressed all my concerns during the job and communicated on every phase. ... Read More »
  • I was very pleased with the service. The technicians were polite and efficient and left my house very clean. Read More »
  • Their southwest chicken salad is filled with so many rich flavors. The dressing has a little spicy kick to it but it's really good! Read More »
  • Joann was able to find the best rate for my first home loan. Communication with Joann was easy and she always gave quick responses to my questions,... Read More »
  • Working with Augusta Precious Metals was very informative, educational, professional, as we have never considered this type of investment. The staf... Read More »
  • This is my first time using Joann's services to buy a house. With her help, lender funded within 20 days of applying the high amount loan and close... Read More »
  • Beware, They Cheating customer with blue light blocking. They coated only color blue on glasses. Who order with blue light blocking I test by teste... Read More »
  • Let me first state that I took the 4 hour course. I would give this course a four star review, only because I personally think it could be somewhat... Read More »
  • This company changes the year of the expiration date of the credit card on file- even if you cancel/ or your card expires they usually change the d... Read More »
  • Freedom Loan services has been very helpful with helping me consolidate my loans and to help me get an affordable loan payment amount. They totally... Read More »
  • They are really amazing, very beautiful. We had them shipped, the doors arrived in a way to prevent damage to them which obviously we were satisfie... Read More »
  • Sending a big thanks to Brad at Advantage Gold for all of his time teaching me about precious metals! Read More »
  • I have been working with Freedom LRS for the last several months and they have always been extremely helpful. I had a concern today and James was e... Read More »
  • I was considering a new Spin Bike for home use to supplement my outdoor riding but could not decide on which one (so many options and choices). Jas... Read More »
  • We had a complicated file, a Re fi our house and investment property and also needed to clear a bunch of old baggage off title. Adam and Brittany w... Read More »
  • This firm was really great to come in contact with. They helped me through the entire process and I couldn’t be more confident I chose the right p... Read More »
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